Meet the Bishop’s Council

Dear Upper Midwest Family,

We are pleased to introduce the members of the Bishop’s Council of the Upper Midwest. 

Membership on the Bishop’s Council includes the dean of each deanery (region) recognized by the Diocese, plus two additional members from each deanery, per our canons. In the absence of the Bishop, a dean is elected to serve as chair. At least one member from each deanery is a layperson. Each member serves a two-year term unless replacing another member’s uncompleted term. 

The Bishop’s Council is the standing committee of the Diocese and functions as its legal Board of Directors. It is the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese, providing organizational leadership, vision, and financial oversight during Bishop Stewart’s requested leave of absence. However, the Council can delegate authority to Acting Bishop John Miller and Bishop Todd Atkinson to assist in diocesan work, especially in fulfilling liturgical and ministry functions. (Last week we announced their appointments by Archbishop Foley Beach here)

Acting Deans
The Diocese of the Upper Midwest is divided into four deaneries. The Dean of each region represents their deanery in diocesan matters. At this time, an Acting Dean for each deanery has been named to serve on the Bishop’s Council. Fr. Alex Cameron has been elected as chair of the Bishop’s Council, and Fr. Paul Calvin as vice chair. 

Alex Cameron – Greenhouse
Fr. Alex Cameron has been a priest for 30 years originally serving in Montreal, Canada. He has planted a church in the Anglican Diocese in New England and served on their standing committee. He moved to the Upper Midwest two years ago. This is his first term on the Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2021.

Paul Calvin – Minnesota
Fr. Paul Calvin is a founding member of Church of the Redeemer in St. Paul, MN and has served in ordained ministry since 2010.  This is his first term on Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2021.

Michael Flowers – Chicago
Fr. Michael Flowers is Rector of St. Aidan’s Anglican Church, Kansas City, MO. He served on the Bishop’s Council 2017-2019 and has returned as Acting Dean of the Chicago Deanery.

Eric Snyder – Wisconsin
Eric Snyder serves as Rector (lead pastor) at St. Michael’s Anglican Church in Delafield within the Wisconsin Deanery. He has been in ordained ministry for 25 years, the last three years at St. Michael’s. His term on the Bishop’s Council began July of 2020.

David Stewart has served as a lay leader at two ACNA congregations in Minneapolis-St. Paul on vestry, preaching team, and more. This is his first term on the Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2021.

Helen Keuning grew up as a first-generation immigrant on the East Coast. She is a graduate of Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Loyola Law School. After practicing law for 7+ years, Helen has been a stay-at-home mom and educator for the past 15 years. She has been a member of the Bishop’s Council since 2017. 

AJ, A female lay representative, requested that her identity not be publicly disclosed due to the sensitive nature of her profession. She has been part of the ACNA for over a decade, and joined the Bishop’s Council in July of 2021. The Upper Midwest is her third ACNA diocese.

Fr. Matt Arndt has been a pastor for 30 years and is currently rector of Bread of Life Anglican Church in Madison, Wisconsin. He was ordained in 2005 and has served on the Bishop’s Council since July 2019.

Fr. Kyle Oesch serves as the Location Pastor for Cornerstone Anglican Church in Portage Park within the Greenhouse Deanery. He has served in lay and ordained ministry at Cornerstone for four years. His term on the Bishop’s Council began in July 2021. 

Becca Zimmerman is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. After living abroad, she moved back to Chicago to continue teaching ESL and mobilize for cross-cultural ministry. She has served on the Bishop’s Council since July 2020. 


Dr. Barbara Gauthier is a high school Latin and Classical Greek instructor. She grew up in Tennessee, but has lived in the Chicago area for 33 years. This is her first term on Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2020.

Fr. Steve Williamson serves as the Dean of the Cathedral at Church of the Resurrection, IL. He began ministry as a worship leader and pastor and has served in ordained ministry since 2019. He has served on the Bishop’s Council since 2019. 

We ask for your prayers as we serve the Diocese. For diocesan questions, please contact

In Christ,

Fr. Alex Cameron
The Bishop’s Council
Diocese of the Upper Midwest