Mark Rivera Sentenced to 15 Years

Trigger Warning 

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Upper Midwest Diocese,

On Monday a judge sentenced Mark Rivera to 15 years in prison on three of the five counts for which he was found guilty on December 15, 2022. Mark will receive credit of three years and one month for time already served in jail before being released on bond and time spent wearing an ankle monitor. He will be eligible for parole before completing his full sentence.

Mark was first arrested in 2019 for and charged with ten counts of sexual assault and abuse of a child who is his goddaughter. In December he was convicted on two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under 13 and three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a victim under 13.

I am thankful that a measure of earthly justice has finally been carried out and brings closure to a lengthy court proceeding. Please continue to pray with me for the Lord’s healing work in the lives of all who have been hurt, especially the child and her family.

There is no place for sexual abuse of any kind in our communities and the Church. I believe in the healing power of Jesus, but also know that the scars of sexual abuse can last for a lifetime. I mourn for the many survivors in our Diocese who carry these wounds, and pray for the Lord to draw near to all who have been affected.

Yours in Christ, 






Bishop Stewart Ruch III