Mark Rivera Trial This Thursday

Beloved in the Lord, 

I want to remind you that this Thursday, September 29, is the continuation of Mark Rivera’s bench trial that started on July 12. The trial is scheduled to take place in the Kane County Judicial Center beginning at 1:30 pm.

Mark was first arrested in 2019 for nine counts of sexual assault and abuse of a child who is his goddaughter. Since then, other survivors have come forward, alleging grooming, child sexaul assault, and rape.

Please renew your prayers for:

  • the court to make wise decisions and execute right actions;
  • justice to be carried out swiftly;
  • true repentance and amendment of life;
  • physical, spiritual, emotional healing for all survivors and their loved ones;
  • all involved to embrace the Lord’s redemptive power and love.

We place our trust in the Lord of heaven and earth to ultimately bring about justice and true restoration.

Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus, 


The Rt. Rev. John E. Miller, III
Acting Bishop
Diocese of the Upper Midwest