Our Leaders

The Bishop’s Council


The Bishop’s Council is the standing committee of the diocese. It provides ecclesiastical authority in organizational leadership, vision, and budgets during Bishop Stewart’s requested leave of absence.

Acting Deans

The Diocese of the Upper Midwest is divided into four deaneries. The Dean of each region represents that deanery in diocesan matters. At this time, an Acting Dean for each deanery has been named to serve on the Bishop’s Council.

Alex Cameron – Greenhouse
Council Chair

Fr. Alex Cameron has been a priest for 30 years originally serving in Montreal, Canada. He has planted a church in the Anglican Diocese in New England and served on their standing committee. He moved to the Upper Midwest two years ago and is acting dean of the Greenhouse Deanery. This is his first term on the Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2021.


Paul Calvin – Minnesota

Fr. Paul Calvin is a founding member of Church of the Redeemer in St. Paul, MN and has served in ordained ministry since 2010.  This is his first term on the Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2021.

Michael Flowers – Chicago

Fr. Michael Flowers is Rector of St. Aidan’s Anglican Church, Kansas City, MO. He served on the Bishop’s Council 2017-2019 and has returned as acting Dean of the Chicago Deanery.


John Mackett – Wisconsin

Fr. John Mackett is the Associate Rector of St. Michael’s in Delafield, WI. A life-long Wisconsinite, he was active in pastoral ministry for nearly 30 years in evangelical churches. He and his wife Betsy were received into the ACNA in 2018. He was ordained a priest in 2019. This is his first term on the Bishop’s Council.

Members by Region


Kyle Oesch

Fr. Kyle Oesch serves as the Location Pastor for Cornerstone Anglican Church in Portage Park within the Greenhouse Deanery. He lives with his wife and three boys in Chicago and has served in lay and ordained ministry at Cornerstone – Portage Park for four years. His term on the Bishop’s Council began in July 2021. 


Dee Safford

Dee Safford currently serves as the lay leader of Immanuel Church at Dayton, a residential care facility for Veterans in Kenosha, WI. She has been a member of Light of Christ Anglican Church since 2011 and was commissioned as a Catechist in 2017. She is a Social Work graduate from the University of Chicago. After 25+ years of counseling work, including public and private practice, Dee is now committed to volunteer work. This is Dee’s first term on Bishop’s Council.



Barbara Gauthier 

Dr. Barbara Gauthier is a high school Latin and Classical Greek instructor. She grew up in Tennessee, but has lived in the Chicago area for 33 years. This is her first term on Bishop’s Council, beginning July 2020.


Steve Williamson

Fr. Steve Williamson serves as the Dean of the Cathedral at Church of the Resurrection, IL. He began ministry as a worship leader and pastor and has served in ordained ministry since 2019. He has served on the Bishop’s Council since 2019.


David Stewart

David Stewart hails from Vancouver but in recent years has served as a lay leader at two ACNA congregations in Minneapolis St. Paul on vestry, preaching team, and more. He works at Bethel University as Director of Libraries. David and his wife Elizabeth have four adult children, and he is honored to serve on the Bishop’s Council at this time.



Helen Buchanan

Helen Buchanan is a lifelong Anglican and lives in Walworth, WI with her husband, Fr. Steve Buchanan.  Together the Buchanans planted Sts. Simeon & Anna Anglican Church in 2013 and its daughter congregation, Sts. Simeon & Anna Ridgestone, in 2017.  Helen has been a church musician for over 40 years and is also a retired Music Therapist.  This is her first term on the Bishop’s Council, beginning February 2022.


Matt Arndt

Fr. Matt Arndt has been a pastor for 30 years and is currently rector of Bread of Life Anglican Church in Madison, Wisconsin. He was ordained in 2005 and has served on the Bishop’s Council since July 2019.

Meet the bishop and deans of our diocese.

Our bishop and deans are bound together as beloved brothers, sons, and fathers in Jesus. This Christian solidarity filters down from our leaders to every diocesan church, where trust, honesty, and truth are considered essential to healthy leadership.

Acting Bishop

John Miller

During Bishop Stewart Ruch’s Leave of Absence our diocese is being served by Bp. John Miller. 

Bp. John Miller has a long history in parish leadership and as a Missionary Bishop who provided episcopal oversight to 30 Anglican Mission churches in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. He was also a founding bishop of the ACNA. This is the second time that Bishop Miller has assisted a diocese as an Acting Bishop, having served the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes two years ago. Fun fact: his first career was as a marine biologist.

Stewart Ruch III

NOTE: Bishop Stewart is currently on a Leave of Absence.

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest

Bishop Stewart and his wife, Katherine, have six children, and their first love and passion is developing their family as a “domestic church.” As bishop, Stewart has another deep-seated passion: to plant a revival of Word and Sacrament infused by the power of the Holy Spirit across the Upper Midwest. The diocese does this through modeling the 5 S Church in relationship and mission, raising up leaders and artists, and following the Spirit to new things.

Brenda Dumper

Lay Canon to the Ordinary

Brenda has been a member of Church of the Resurrection (the cathedral church of the Upper Midwest) since 1984. She joined the Resurrection staff team in 2009, and became Bishop (then Father) Stewart’s assistant in 2011. After Bp. Stewart was consecrated bishop in 2013, her responsibilities have been split between the Upper Midwest Diocese and Resurrection work.

Brenda’s love for the cathedral and the Diocese of the Upper Midwest is deep: she was baptized, confirmed, and married husband Don at Resurrection. Brenda and Don have four children: Donny, Allison, Annalisa and James. Other than serving the Diocese and Resurrection, some of Brenda’s favorite things are: being out in nature, camping, kayaking, bird watching and reading. She is a lover of coffee, dark chocolate (ok, any chocolate really), spring flowers and midwestern fall colors.

Stephen Gauthier

Canon Theologian

Canon Rev. Dr. Stephen Gauthier is a priest and Canon Theologian of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest. He assists the bishop on matters of theology and liturgy and is essential in helping to prepare candidates for ordination. Cn. Stephen also serves as Director of Formation for the Greenhouse Movement as the primary teacher in Saint Paul’s House of Formation, and the co-host of the Word and Table podcast.

Molly Ruch

Lay Canon for Church Planting

Canon Molly serves our diocese as the Lay Canon of Church Planting and broader province through her work as the Director of the Always Forward Institute for Church Planting, an initiative of the Anglican Church in North America.

Sixteen years ago, Fr. Christian and Molly planted the first daughter church of the Church of the Resurrection (now the diocesan cathedral) when when they moved to Minneapolis to start Church of the Cross. Together, they serve as the leaders of Gregory House North in Minnesota. Molly and Christian have four children: two in college and two at home.

Amy Patton

Gregory House Executive Director

After 8 years on staff at Church of the Resurrection, Amy is delighted to focus her energy primarily on directing the Gregory House school.

Amy brings an incredible breadth of ministry experience, having served as Children’s Pastor, Formation Pastor (overseeing children, youth, and adult ministries), and Executive Pastor over the course of her time on staff at Resurrection.

Amy is married to Ryan, and they are raising their 4 boys to know their “delightful inheritance” in the Lord. They love living in Wheaton, adventuring with their boys, and drinking copious amounts of coffee to keep up!

Christian Ruch

NOTE: Christian Ruch is currently on a leave of absence as Dean of the Minnesota Deanery.


Christian and his wife, Molly, followed the Spirit’s call for boundless revival when they planted Church of the Cross near Minneapolis in 2004, sponsored by Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, IL. True to its own pioneering and mission-minded spirit, Church of the Cross then sought opportunities for Gospel multiplication by following the Spirit to a new thing. In 2012, they planted their first daughter church, Church of the Redeemer in St. Paul; in 2017, they planted Restoration Anglican in South Minneapolis.

Eirik Olsen

NOTE: Eirik Olsen is currently on a leave of absence as Dean of the Wisconsin Deanery.

Canon for Prayer and Reconciliation
Executive Pastor of The Greenhouse Movement

Father Eirik, his wife, Jeanne, and their six children moved to Kenosha in 2008 for Eirik to become the rector of the newly-formed Light of Christ. The church’s mission is to shine the light of Christ’s love, hope, and healing across southeast Wisconsin.

William Beasley

NOTE: William Beasley is currently on a ministry leave of absence.


Early in his ministry, William Beasley had a vision of lanterns going out two-by-two from his small congregation in West Chicago: starting in local neighborhoods, then on to surrounding regions, and finally to the ends of the earth. William has a passion for evangelism, mission, and worship, and founded the Greenhouse Movement to multiply congregations through the Chicago metro area and beyond. He retired as Missioner General of the Greenhouse Movement in October 2021.