Announcements from the Province

Trigger Warning: The content referenced below may be painful for anyone who has suffered abuse

Dear Upper Midwest Family,

I am pleased to share that the Province has made several important announcements this week regarding the Provincial Response Team and its ongoing investigative process. This team has officially formed and its members have been named. You can learn more about the team and read their bios here

In addition, the Diocese has requested and the Province has agreed to expand the scope of its investigation beyond allegations against Mark Rivera to include additional allegations regarding abuse of power. Our Diocese grieves with survivors and their loved ones who have endured immense pain. And we are grateful for the Province’s dedication to a comprehensive and just investigation for the sake of everyone involved. 

Because the Province has undertaken a thorough review outside of the Diocese, we will be unable to provide firsthand updates. In addition, the ongoing criminal investigations of both Mark Rivera and Joel Girard prevent both the Diocese and Province from disclosing details that could hamper those legal proceedings and prejudice the outcomes.

You can contact the Provincial Response Team and find news on the investigation
here. Sign up to receive email updates from the Provincial Response Team here. Our Diocesan webpage includes those links and our past letters related to the investigative process.

We continue to take allegations of abuse, sexual or otherwise, with the utmost seriousness. The Diocese is committed to learning best practices of how to identify and respond to abuse, as well as care for survivors and their families. While we wait on the investigative process, various church leaders are gaining training in consultation with experts. 

Please continue to join us in prayer for all who have suffered abuse, and for the Lord to bring about justice, healing, and restoration.

In Christ,

Fr. Alex Cameron
The Bishop’s Council
Diocese of the Upper Midwest