Rivera Trial

Beloved in the Lord, 

This Tuesday, July 12, Mark Rivera’s trial for sexual assault of a child under 13 (his goddaughter) is scheduled for 9:00 am at Kane County Judicial Center. He was first arrested in 2019 for 9 counts of sexual assault and abuse of a child. Since then other survivors have come forward, alleging assault, rape, child sexual abuse, and grooming. 

As a Diocese deeply concerned with abuse in any form, please pray for:

  • the court to make wise decisions and execute right actions
  • justice to be carried out swiftly 
  • true repentance and amendment of life
  • physical, spiritual, emotional healing for all survivors and their loved ones  
  • all involved to embrace the Lord’s redemptive power and love

While we await the outcome of the trial, let us find hope in the Lord, who “heals the brokenhearted” (Ps. 147:3) and keeps in perfect peace those whose mind is steadfast and trust in Him, the Rock eternal (Is. 26:3).  

Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus, 


The Rt. Rev. John E. Miller, III
Acting Bishop
Diocese of the Upper Midwest

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